Diminished Value and Appraisals

There is no substitute for Expert Diminished Value Consultation


Many steps are taken to fully determine the diminished value of a vehicle. First we conduct extensive research and make a determination of the pre-loss condition of the vehicle and its Fair Market Value. This includes any previous damage, service history, number of owners, and equipment.

Our research includes sources that apply such as N.A.D.A., Kelley Blue Book, Auto Trader Online, CPI, Hemming’s Motor News, Old Car Price Guide, Newspaper Classified Archives,  Body Shop Experts, and CARFAX and Auto Check History Reports. The exact resources used are based on the region in which the vehicle is located and the date of loss.

Mr. Bauer personally inspects, test-drives, and photographs the vehicle post repairs. This personal inspection has proven to be very beneficial in insuring the integrity of the process and is extremely valuable when testifying in court. The quality of workmanship and repairs is examined during the inspection of the vehicle. The category and classification of damage are determined using a chart created and used by Mr. Bauer for over 25 years.

Once all of the necessary data is collected, Mr. Bauer is able to calculate a numerical conclusion that determines the vehicle’s diminished value as well as the actual retail value.


  • Associate of the American Society of Appraisers

  • Meets the National Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice

  • Six-time BMW International Product Knowledge Gold Medalist

  • Mentored as an expert witness by Andrew Coats, former District Attorney and Dean Emeritus of the College of Law at The University of Oklahoma.

  • Oklahoma Venture Business Award

  • Honored over thirty times for Salesman of the Month

  • Expert Witness hired by Law firms and Insurance companies

We offer a full range of  Expert Services

Diminished Value

When your vehicle suffers damage, value is lost that cannot be regained, even with the best of repair work.  We can determine the difference between Pre-loss Fair Market Value and what that value is after your accident.

Appraisal Services

We offer a wide range of Appraisal services including Stated Amount Appraisals for insurance coverage, Vehicle Appraisals to determine Fair Market Retail Value, Estate Appraisals, Umpire and Consultant to settle court disputes, and Determination of Authenticity for vehicle condition and history.

Misrepresentation Cases

Finding out that you have overpaid on something is frustrating, especially if that something is a car from a seller you thought that you could trust.

Vehicle Location

Serious buyers who want peace of mind about their vehicle purchase use Bauer Car Connection.  We will locate the closest match possible to your specifications for the desired vehicle.  When requested, an independent buyer’s check can be arranged to assure that you are getting the vehicle as represented.

Expert Witness

Mr. Bauer has been called upon as an expert in the auto industry for over 36 years. One of the strongest factors in winning a case is the expert’s credibility, knowledge and daily involvement in the retail market. Mr. Bauer’s 40 years of experience in the retail automobile industry, membership in The American Society of Appraisers, impartiality, and credibility have made him a successful Expert Witness in Oklahoma courts.

Fee Schedule

Bauer Car Connection, LLC, offers competitive pricing on all of these services, and you can know what you’re paying for up front.

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